Some days when I get going I can’t turn it off, so I find myself quieter in public, even when I’m not trying I’m rhyming and keeping time between my words, while pouring over riddles in my mind…

When I’m flowing, I often don’t know where it’s going, but enough times I’ve ended in happy accidents, stumble over wonderful stories rooted in deeper beliefs of goodness to be found even if it’s not right on the ground beneath my feet, sometimes goodness requires digging, a bit of friction to entice the sparks.

I’ve gotten to know I can trust the words that come to lead me somewhere playful, a relationship that comes at the price of rolling the dice and following enough inklings worth my time.

In turn, I find myself following the joy of similar sounding verses, picking them like flowers, before extending their powers as an olive branch to others who see them too.

As we all busy ourselves pouring through this valley of tears and fears, I spend my time searching out cures for pains and abrasions of all kinds, drains on energy, while trying to uplift sinking peers. Observing and witnessing with all three eyes, discerning between purpose and lies hoping to convert me, even Jesus had to turn his distractions away…

I’ve found my best results in unconventional places, outside of my comfort zones, let me know if your interested in more of these stories, otherwise I’ll keep their drafts for myself!

Thanks for hanging out! ❤ Hope this left you with a taste of rhythmic writing!

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