THE JOYS OF WRITING: Tastes and Smells and Their Place In Storytelling…

I remember the taste of the first kiss I ever experienced with a smoker…

It might not have been the best situation but now I can write on the topic without bias added from never actually experiencing it…

It was heavy and earthy, and because of the lingering taste on my tongue, I was sure of one thing, this person knew more than me… Anyone who can suck down poison to get through reality can’t be afraid of anything, he might be someone worth listening too.

I sat down on the shag rug as he slapped his fingers over the controller, smiling wiley, and suddenly from his pupils I could see his old soul glinting back at me through the smoke.

It wasn’t an untrue theory, I was blessed in meeting so many much smarter than me,

Now every time I walk through a cloud of someone else’s smoke, that taste again finds my mind.

Looking back as I am thinking of it now, I realize when I was smoking in my adult life, it was also the time I was facing that demon… No joke.

Taste is so important, it can make you think, alter your mindset or take you back to an exact moment. So why would the sense of importance it bears, not carry into a believable character’s reality? A relaying of senses in books really speaks to me, it adds dimension to the stories in my opinion.

EXAMPLE: (Refer to featured image)

The tickle of little violets danced cold against her settling shoulders. For a moment they all lay tranquilly together, melding her body in with the plants. Once she stopped moving she noticed the smell of succulent purple peddles leaving a trail so heavy and honey-sweet that when she breathed, she swore she could taste their vibrant colors.

And how about smells? They can relay a relationship between an environment and a key element to the characters personality… Maybe the scent of a certain cologne or the smell of a mocha latte made just right… Or the smell you breathe in before the first bite of your favorite dish over your annual birthday wish that changes your life…

It can define the best times and the worst times, the silver linings and the rosy reminders, it can send us running or leave us bursting with joy. Don’t get me started writing about the smells and savory flavors of cooking… The unifying natures a good dish brings… So many tangents, so many strings, I will leave you with this, please give your practice stories a twist, try mixing in senses to really bring them in!

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