THE JOYS OF WRITING: Writing Delicately

She waded into the forest, the deeper she descended down its path the closer she felt to never coming back.

She kept glancing behind herself, as the earth became less visible beneath her feet. The canopy swallowing her into a magically charged reality,

Eventually, she closed her eyes, bare feet bleeding on the soft dirt beneath them,

Before catching on another knarled mess of roots she squeezed her eyes, biting back a pained scream threatening to burst through the seams of tightly closed lips.

She advanced as quietly as she could, somehow understanding that her survival possibly depended on her ability to be silent.

The shadows seemed to be moving around her, waiting for any sign of fear to trickle into her veins.

Her courage was the only thing standing between she and the hounds baying around her soundlessly.

Her sure footsteps never flinching brought her ever closer to her salvation as her mantra slowly became,

Just one more step, just one more step, just one…

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