Universal Love Notes

I’ve seen you through the eyes of so many beings from people to the unity in all naturally created things,

Kind faces where they don’t make sense seem to show me I’m following the path of fearlessly trusting you to provide for me in my reality,

After all, it’s the one you’ve given me.

And when I am being a shit head, I start to reflect and realize that you made me imperfect it’s your job to give me the things that I lack,

Just so you know I am searching, and I have been, rambling around rutting in mud for the truffles you’ve hidden, beneath my weakness, passed the bad blood.

It’s been a trip I tell you what, but looking back I wouldn’t want it any other way, come what may,

I know you have my needs in mind, What would happen if all the blood in my veins were to think they knew better than the heart they pass through?

I am a speck reflecting a speck in the scheme of things, if I choose to be dull it should console me that with a little polishing I can be right back to the better places I’ve been,

heaven is a state of mind I find when I am sitting quietly outside of myself, absorbing the bigger picture of things, keeps me on my knees and in the best interests of those around me I start to see the only way I can contribute is by letting the flow carry me where I need to go while keeping my intentions in gear,

No neutral here, that’s where fear fits in, somehow we forget what we are in the moments that knowledge would mean the most, we belong to something much bigger than the moments of darkness we experience, no matter their frequency there’s a lightness that encompasses even them. This belief has kept me pushing since before I can remember…


I am but a single cell in the universal body…

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