Postage Stamps and Preworkout

She licked her lips in concentration sending intention with the saliva she spat out into the warm damp air.

I can do this… With that thought she swept her sweaty upper body skyward, her fingertips stretching afterward. The music pouring through her ears closed out the world surrounding for a moment of surrender to catch her breath. The beat colliding with that of her heart, dancing together over the seconds flying together filling her with sweet promises of at least another six miles, battery life was still at 72%.

I can give at least that much. She finished the thought with pure intent and a deep breath in.

A little voice carried from somewhere within. Run fast my darling. It seemed urgent.

She opened her eyes and for the first time realized the clouds bearing down low threateningly, as if they had a mission as well.

Unleash your torrents, her thoughts screamed as she torn the headphones from her ears unleashing the power of her senses. She listened to the storm romancing mother nature, begging for attention its sending gusts to ruffle the scene surrounding little boxes sitting comfortably tucked together, with no need to fear the mighty gale billowing out there.

Her feet sent her walking as she smiled over the movie in her mind, sympathizing silently with how misunderstood her shows are to most creatures…

I understand the need for a good cleansing myself, I’m here. She offered the thought through outstretched features, glancing around the deserted path, as a smile lit the gloomy veil, appreciating the vibrant greens against the grey scale.

With that thought, she began to trot as little drops meant their end against the pavement. We’ll see who comes on stronger.

Suddenly the clouds unleashed their clapping as if hellbent on appreciating her effort to keep up with their turbulence… With that, they let go and flung themselves down one by one… Raining down harder to blend in with her sweat, the energy created was worth the sacrifice.

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