I have to remind myself how lazy I’m being the moments I let frustration seep in between the gratitude I feel for each breath I’m aware of,

Along with the billion between I don’t have to fight for that offer themselves automatically through my nostrils,

Existence in spite of my resistance reminds me,

I live because, as you’ve said, every hair has been accounted for. It isn’t my chore to count them more,

But to use the gifts I’ve been given to brighten, heighten, and offer compassion to the world around me,

It’s confounding the more that I think of it, how easy it is to mindfully take a deep breath and reset. With daily practice, I’m relieved of the grievances following me.

In the moments I’m hurting especially, I am reminded that you’ve done the same for me.

The pain, the rejection, they are meant to deepen and you’ve offered me an example of how to handle them gracefully.

So whether or not I decide to follow after is my choice, but I can be,

Better than the moments that consume me, better than the memories that leave me feeling gloomy.

Underneath discomfort, there’s often a lesson I am running from,

so set me straight on my way, help me to behave, without a better line of sight,

try though I might, an improvement like a fad diet will fade into my selfishness without you.

❤ Happy Thanksgiving!

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