The Shepherd and The Sheepdogs

One quiet night, a lone shepherd boy strolled over the nighttime valley,

Observing the dim, moon-lit wool of the flock sleeping peacefully under his watch.

He took a deeply satisfied breath in, gathering his zen,

when suddenly through the still a violent chorus struck,

alerting his every sense.


As he reached for various defenses against its origin the terrified sheep began to join in. Bleating and crying against their perceived demise he could barely think through their cries.

Fleeing, trampling, chaos ensued as the entire scene came unglued…

The poor boy spun in confusion adding his own fear to the mix. “The shell of humanity would have me run, the decision to stay heavy in my hands, but this turn of events wasn’t in the plans!”

The shepherds’ wide eyes darted through the moment of doubt,

“Please take ‘me’ and make the rest worth saving!” He pleaded, “That these damn wolves might be defeated.”

Through the fear of the mighty wolves, he clenched his staff boldly, ready to fend off the attack. Until alas, through the chaos of his swinging he realized he too was beating the sheep he was meant to be defending.

“all I see are wolves!” He cried out, fear turning to anger… “My disloyal dog-helpers seem to have left me, and I’m but one shepherd,”

“look closer,” a voice whispered in reply to his sighs… “you’re being deceived…”

Squinting past his fear and into the chaos at a higher gear, the lone shepherd retrieved a surprisingly different reality.

His eyes suddenly burning with a yearning to set things right as he witnessed one too many fatalities…

To think, he thought, it took this position to appreciate the difference between the joker and a thief…

The anger now burned with a brilliant justice, fueling his courage he stepped out of the firelight…

“In the end, a wolf is only true to its nature,” He murmured. “It’s the fakers and excuse-makers to be wary of.”

He walked forward mightily, blowing the silent shrill whistle at his neck before rushing toward the suddenly crippled form directly ahead. At first, the figure did it’s best to blend. But it’s course dark fur against the wool surroundings stuck out like a sore thumb.

And when the shepherd drew nearer, it then proceeded to wag its tail and play dumb…

The brave shepherds’ voice became a steady rumble as he pursued his conclusion. “It’s those who pretend to be one thing to gather their killings secretly who should be punished severely…”

The beast began whining…

oh, the pain the shepherd must have felt as he pulled the whip out from his belt, he’d cared for them since they were puppies, taken the time train them…

He paused before the exposed and bloody belly at his feet for one last chance at hoping. White knuckles exposing the shadow of a doubt. Maybe they’ll change direction, maybe I’m mistaken, Hesitation…

The ones left rushing about smoked it out, as jaws locked in around another sheep’s throat while another chorused familiar yelps, “It’s them! Not we! We are definitely not the enemy, it’s okay you don’t need to run from me.” 


And against all logic, the sheep seemed to believe the familiarity,

some even stopping in their tracks, rendering themselves to snacks,

anything but the truth these days, anything to go back to grazing…


Amazing… The shepherd thought.


It took him seeing traitorous sheepdogs turning on their flock,

howling, surrounding, pretending to be one with the wolves,

Implying no difference in the darkness they’ve found cover beneath… to change his view and develop an understanding.


Even guardians, if left unleashed find a way to use their sharper teeth, even those meant to protect, can harbor mighty beasts…


MORAL OF THE STORY: Don’t be in a hurry to pass judgment on the source of a problem… often the answer can be found in the features we expect to be least threatening.

When the line between innocence and ignorance is blurred by the obscured, it’s often the first that pay, in their heroics to save the day vainly…


… they’re often consumed by the hungry deceivers…

and every last one of their believers…


Under the weight of this revelation, as I’ve sunk to my knees,

the Sheppard in me has risen its head.

I’ve fallen victim to judgment, and circumstance now I’m pleading,

I know the storms will surely swallow me whole if you don’t keep me breathing,

I’m closing my two eyes and trusting the one to please expose this scene to the Sun.


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