Unwitting Conspirators

There has to be more to it,

The youthful mind determined.

There has to be…


the little bird descended the walk-in need of air

Lately, she hadn’t been buying the food they were feeding,

Much like the sidewalk, their concepts lacked true flavor,

There was no substance in it to savor.


So how can they say, my way is wrong…

When it literally plucked me from the war path they’re on…


The young one looked out over the trees…

If only my life was as simple as these…


A whisper swept in with a gust of wind

Reminding her of the places she’d been…


You really think you could handle the gig?

You’ve only had to figure out how to live for so long

and we?

Have somehow found a way to stay bound to the very ground we were dispensed to

in spite of the city surrounding me and you…


The little figure stopped, then veered at the inkling

The change in her path lead her through the wet grass.


Her unaware feet casting dew to the dirt beneath each,

And out of the cloud ridden suns reach and still she soldiered on…


How is it you’ve stuck when others have gone?

Why is it you stand when others have fallen?


She watched the grove approaching somberly

And slowed her steps to approach more reverently.


Please, please tell me…

She squeezed her eyes shut to better see

The answers beginning to manifesting

As they answered over the breeze…


We never accepted defeat in fact,

It had never been seen as an option,

Our duty here is to grow in our beauty

To offer the spectacle freely to whatever soul in need who finds us

From shade to lofty branches we did just that

Soaking up the sun as it came to us…

Accepting our knots and twists as they come too

And look at this place… This concrete jungle

You call a society more basic than an ameba

Beside solitary rot and intimate fungals

you’ve learned to transmit

wasting this beautiful kingdom while losing your wits

Living what they call life

Twisting in the knife in whatever way

Loosening strings from the ground beneath

at the price of personal decay… tell us… what is it you’ve done?


The small one said nothing at first, tears in her eyes,

They had just listed everything she despised,

each had turned her into another ‘infected’

And here she was talking to trees like the rejected…

She smiled at their infectious viewpoint

While digesting the analysis more personally.


She sat hard, digging a stick into the earth beneath

Disturbing the perfect tuft of green scruff between her feet

“From the sounds of it, you’re jaded like me,

I see those things too, but I’m afraid it’s from a fallen view.”


She shrank her shoulders to her knees

As if expecting a scolding from the gigantic beasts

Each seemed to laugh in a breeze

The rumble so deep it shifted the trees.

Their branches brushed together mirthfully.


“Now see! Maybe there is hope for you yet!”

The wind whistled a tune to match the majestic pitch

As they tickled their fancies over something she’d said.

The little being seemed annoyed

Crossing her arms over her chest at their rudeness


“You are no better!” She chastised.

“Making fun of me for being honest and true!

I came here for good vibes and answers from you,

Not more stupid, arrogant observations

Riddled in jaded brittle opinions!”

She tossed her hands and stood to her feet

“Forget you two!” she cried out

As she turned and to her surprise

She was met with their two cries


Don’t take offense, you should feel please,

You’ve brought giants to their knees

To give one opportunities such as these

To laugh along side one who is trying

Is an honor worth a thousand moments spent in the mists of those unaware,

Your breed is increasingly rare, please come and go from our shade as you please,

It is our pleasure to keep the company of kings and queens,

Your vibration gives us reason to continue with the season

Promise to visit us daily

We’ve come to the conclusion we need thee


The girl was stunned at their plea for her company

She’d never imagined she’d see such a thing

What are you asking me specifically?


After a time of silence passed between the three

As they all sat weighing the conditions to be

The little girls heart began fluttering  

As the song birds singing covering the murmerings

As the trees together constorted quietly

She stood ever more silently unaware of the gaining twilight


We wish you to come to us daily

And in turn we will tell you of treasures

Things any creature can gain inspiration from

If you endure our will compliantly,

We promise thee, so long as you remain within our oath,

You will never see death least you wish it

Though, we hope that you won’t

For yours is a sure source of loyalty,

We see a lot of life in thee,

So please, won’t you take our turn?


The girl uncrossed her arms slowly

Soaking in the vine they’d spun…

Only now realizing the birds had gone silent

Not only that but the surroundings had gone quiet

The river sounds once loud were no where to be found…




It was as if the world had ceased to exist

In order to rest in this moment, to witness

The birth of a new age, the dawn of a friendship

One that embodied a selfless search for a mission

Teaching a priceless gift, a lesson for those who would listen…


If you holler out for it

Even from the depths of darkness

Life will find those calling in a hurry

Draw you near and give you repose

For life is in motion and moments of rest

Like this moment she’d never forget.


Emboldened by the peculiar scene

The girl appoached the shadows beneath

Layers upon layers of thick leaves

She stepped on a twig, snapping it,

Looking up as if she’d murdered it,

Again they bursted into laughter

“Child for goodness sakes their dead,

No  need for you to lose your head.”

They cried out enthusiastically.

“Don’t you see, this is why we need thee,

Because thee need we as well!”


“So…” She smiled at their way of speaking

Before beginning by lifting a cupped hand

toward the sweeping branches cloaking their peaks

“It is friendship you seek?” she nearly croaked


“Yes, Yes!” They repeated,

the reeds whistled and an owl swooped


After a silence she continued

“So long as I commit to this

I will never kiss death or be defeated”


“So long as you listen to what we tell you

Take it to heart and wear it well out there

The world will provide far less white hair

But you must do as we say… do as we do…”


After a pause they continued

“What we offer goes beyond the skin you were issued

But yes with the doses of truth we will offer you

death won’t get close enough to kiss you”


The shadows had begun to blend in

With those cast by the dim street lamps

As they danced and shuttered on

Distributing distorted shadows in the unnatural light

Phantoms belonging to distant haunts

looming close and ready to taunt

But they too were swallowed into the shadows

Unable to withstand their mighty gallows

Many a demon they had dispelled

Many a human, they had made well

For so long depending on sheer will

To remain that way themselves

It had been so long since anyone had sought them

They’d even discussed that humans might have forgotten

“I can feel new growth coming on already, dear one,

So please, what is it that will convince thee to love we?”


She reached the space between the mighty trees

Looking up into the sea of deep green she crumbled to her knees

Suddenly weak, realizing what it might all mean

One, I’m going crazy

two, I’ve finally cracked

three… it’s no matter…


I’m never going back


She made her fists daring to ask one more question

Why me? I’m no different really…

I’ve maybe seen more failure than success

And of good fortune, much… much less

But always it seems that beneath

There was something else to motivate me

As if I had no choice to pick up my feet

In my mind there’s no resolve toward defeat

Even though in this moment

it seems the only option rising to meet me”


“And then enter we!” They boomed through the wind.

“So it is decided, again, again, tomorrow we will meet,

Until then, our dearest love we will be waiting!”


And then again the crickets took up chorus with such force

The girl was forced to move away,

As she made her way back through the grass

the awe and wonder faded fast

Leaving her to fight the shadow of a doubt

And questions like,

So what the heck was that about?


As the solid concrete passed beneath her shoes

The muses fused into a million little clues

Before she left the way she first came

She looked back on the grove to blame


Suddenly she didn’t feel the same.

A spark of hope had kindled heat within

A trickle of gratitude toward the responsibility given

Unaware of the building darkness she left the park with resolve

With this new help there’s no mystery we can’t solve.


The smile gracing her face lit up the place

Lighting the way through her inner maze

As she laid her head to rest that day

She offered thanks for such wonderful new playmates






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