Unwitting Conspirators

The drab walk preceded around the bend

unable to blend with the grass it so envied

feet slapped the damp pavement

hellbent of grounding the vessel containing them

a heavy heart keeping the beat steadily

where her thoughts led there was no beauty

doubts clouded her view of the spectacular sunset

spilling from the clouds  as they faded begging her to do the same

though she couldn’t sense it through her building shame

as the shrouds of nameless phantoms came to mind

rising up to combat the natural lesson demanding again, their confession

this newfound self-awareness, the newest obsession

to add to her list she came to at her clenching fists

unable to let them go lest she fade into exhaustion like the setting sun


but then they will have won… 

the thought brought her feet forward one by one

as she begrudged them her precious sleep

another night consumed in battle

followed by a day of living like cattle

against odds like these tend to bring one to their knees

at moments like this fighting seems futile

when the opponent is so crafty as dreams

tussling with the realm of terror

tend to take a toll on the bearer


and still, she rustled her tired feet  to meet the ground beneath each

stepping over the skeletons paving her way through the park

as she stalked its course at the brink of dark

bound and determined to leave her own mark

if only by resisting her inner beasts bark



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